Your Sanctuary TV is a co-production of Access Monterey Peninsula (amp) the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.  Our Collaborators include The National Parks Service, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Everglades National Park, United Nations Environment Programme and many more.


Your Sanctuary TV Mission

It is the mission of amp, amp2, Your Sanctuary TV and our collaborators to disseminate Ocean and Earth conservation video content and informative data as widely as possible and to engage as many people as we can with the hope that their engagement will inspire participation in the stewardship activities needed to preserve and protect our natural resources for future generations.


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Our Video Content Partners, Viewing and Download Libraries

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Key program series and providers for Your Sanctuary TV.

"Waterways  is a program produced by Erik Hutchins of Keys Digital Studios in conjunction with The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and the National Parks Service. This high quality and compelling series deals with Ocean issues, Marine Heritage and History, ocean and conservation topics and more. It has high production values, is very b-roll and image heavy and has excellent tempo.


“Thank You Ocean”  This public awareness campaign is focused on educating viewers about the importance of sustaining ocean life and inspiring stewardship to alleviate current threats to ocean. The video content includes a PSA by world-renowned cinematographer, Bob Talbot, along with PSA’s by actor/activist Edward James Olmos. In addition 3-5 minute video podcasts entitled the “Thank You Ocean Report” are produced twice a month. These vignettes focus on interesting and exciting ocean topics such as marine mammals, ocean health, fishing, surfing, and boating along with fascinating ocean facts.


“NOAA Programming”  This is varied video content shot under the auspices of NOAA, ONMS, and individual Marine Sanctuaries throughout the system. It consists of a wide variety of lengths, from 60-second PSA’s to short and  long format documentaries (several by internationally renowned filmmakers including Robert Talbot Studios).


UNEP “Two Minutes with Jim Toomey" The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has partnered with cartoonist Jim Toomey – of Sherman’s Lagoon fame – in developing a series of two-minute videos intended to raise awareness of the importance of oceans and the coastal environment. The videos use animation and humor to explain in clear and simple language the role oceans play in our lives and our very survival.


Your Sanctuary TV staff are constantly establishing conversations with other content creators in the hope of increasing the site’s content with quality collaborations.
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Your Sanctuary TV Ocean Resources


Here is a growing list of the organizations that work with Your Sanctuary TV and open the doors to those seeking knowledge of our Earth and Oceans. There are also organizations who actively participate in the stewardship of our Earth and Oceans, such as the National Marine Sanctuaries, Save Our Shores and others. (If you would like to appear on this list, please send a high resolution copy of your logo, the link to your organization and a short description of your mission to

Save Our Shores is a non-profit marine conservation organization in Santa Cruz, CA., caring for the marine environment through ocean awareness, advocacy, and citizen action. For over 30 years, Save Our Shores has accomplished: prevention of offshore oil drilling in Central Coast waters, helping establish the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, preventing local cruise ship pollution, bringing together diverse stakeholders to find common solutions to ocean issues. Today the focus is on educating youth about our watersheds, beaches and rivers.